About The Company

Roseuroneft is a holistically brand sustainable solutions for oil and gas service provider
with fully tested initiatives.


Roseuroneft is a uniquely transform premier infrastructures for functional petrochemicals production. Completely sustainable leadership for economically sound sources.

Roseuroneft is among one of the largest Kazakhstan oil companies today and is an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding. The industrial complex of the Company includes steadily developing enterprises of crude oil and gas production, petroleum refining, petrochemicals production, the tire-manufacturing complex, network of filling stations and services. Roseuroneft also has a stake in the financial sector companies (banking and insurance). An essential resource asset of Roseuroneft and a promising target to increase production are significant reserves of high viscosity oil. The Roseuroneft development project is being implemented with the support of government agencies, scientific research organizations of Kazakhstan .

Dynamically utilize intermandated materials through customized process improvements. Conveniently recaptiualize adaptive leadership for long-term high-impact functionalities. Completely incubate customer directed meta-services after economically sound imperatives. Distinctively evolve diverse applications for petroleum enterprise processes. Roseuroneft disintermediate functionalized solutions rather than progressive leadership.

Synergistically build professional performance in: Provision of petrochemicals products services in the field of oil and natural gas production international marketing. Production of petroleum products, Crude oil production. Extraction of oil (associated gas), Provision of drilling services related to the production of oil, gas and gas condensate, Separation and extraction of fractions from oil (associated) gas. Geological exploration, geophysical and geochemical works in the field of subsoil research and reproduction of mineral resources

Successful experience in profitable operations in small fields with unbalanced development systems; knowledge of the specifics of work in various regions of the world. extensive experience in the implementation of international oil and gas projects, stable long-term relations with leading oil companies in Russia and Kazakhstan and the world, conducting research and Distinctively impact synergistic experiences.

Our deep industry know-how, an individual IT system, the successful implementation of best management practices and the dedication of our employees, we can offer our customers an unrivaled level of service at competitive prices and provide our customers with high-quality domestic and international transportation services, customs clearance, and integrated supply chain solutions.